Bosch AeroEco Wiper Blades

Bosch have launched their new Bosch AeroEco Wiper Blades. The wiper blade is made of natural rubber with graphite coating. This value based solution offers high quality and safety standard. The right wiper and adapter can easily be found in the application list on the back of the packaging.

Bosch Aero Eco Blade

View the AeroEco Wiper Blade Brochure for more information.

Installation of indexed spark plugs with solid sealing ring

Recently we have received an increasing number of inquiries regarding the specifications for the correct installation of those indexed Bosch spark plugs, which have a solid seal ring.

Spark plugs with a solid sealing ring must be installed by using a torque wrench, applying the specified torque. This ensures the correct positioning of the ground electrode in the combustion chamber.

Applying an incorrect tightening torque can lead to damage of the spark plug, loss of compression, overheating and sub sequential engine damage.

Bosch Spark Plugs

View the Service Bulletin on Spark Plugs for more information.

Oil Filter Design Change

The Design of the oil filter 1457429263 has changed with new HVS index.

View the Design Changes on the Oil Filter for more information.